How To Turn Beautiful Moments Into Keepsakes With FamilyKeeps

How To Turn Beautiful Moments Into Keepsakes With FamilyKeeps

The birth of a newborn is an incredibly special moment for new parents, family and friends. Now, thanks to FamilyKeeps, this moment no longer needs to be so fleeting! With FamilyKeeps you can capture the special moment of the birth of a newborn to be cherished forever. Our birth pillows, birth blankets and birthday blankets are all personalizable, allowing you to add your newborn baby’s name, time of birth, date of birth, birth weight and height and even your baby’s zodiac sign. Plus, we have a whole range of designs and styles to choose from that are perfect for both boys and girls. Our products are special for baby’s and their new parents, capturing the special moment to be relived again and again for years to come.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to turn your beautiful moment into keepsakes with FamilyKeeps.

Create A Birth Pillow

Creating a birth pillow is a great way to permanently embody your special moment in something that a newborn baby and their family will keep forever. A birth pillow is a wonderfully unique item which can feature a baby photo, name, birthdate and time, the birth weight and height as well as a star sign, all displayed in a beautiful design. All of the details you and your family will want to cherish forever. Birth pillows look amazing around the house, making them perfect reminders of that special moment in your life. If you would like to create your own birth pillow you can do so right now on the Family Keeps website here.


Personalize A Birth Blanket

A birth blanket is another great way to permanently capture the special moment of a birth. A birth blanket from KeepSakes can come in a variety of different colors and styles. They also include important birth details much like the KeepSakes birth pillow, such as a name, weight and height and are double sherpa lined to keep the baby cozy and warm. A birth blanket is sure to transform the beautiful moment of birth into a permanent keepsafe for your family. Click here to check out our range of customizable birth blankets at FamilyKeeps.

Customize A KeepSake Birthday Blanket

FamilyKeeps birthday blankets are perfect for turning beautiful moments into keepsakes. Our birth blankets show off your newborn baby’s first, middle and last names, as well as their zodiac sign and birth date. Featuring a beautiful design, FamilyKeeps’ birthday blankets are double lined with a super soft sherpa lining and are available in both blue and pink, making it a great choice for both newborn boys and girls. Whether it turns into your newborns favorite cuddle blanket or kept safe hanging on the wall, you are sure to always have a keepsake of your baby’s birth. You can check out our blue and pink birthday plants and customize your own on our website by clicking here.


Make Your Moment Forever with Family Keeps

With our birth blankets, birth pillows and birthday blankets you can turn your special moment into a forever keepsake for your newborn baby and your family. If you would like to create forever reminders of the birth of a newborn, you can browse our range of quality products here.